Collection: Light and Living Rugs

Light & Living was established over half a century ago, specialising in the production of lampshades within a modest factory space. As their business grew, they expanded their offerings to include lamps, providing customers with a comprehensive lighting solution. With their extensive experience in the lighting industry, Light & Living further diversified their range, incorporating affordable home accessories and small furniture. Understanding the significance of creating a comfortable and welcoming home environment, Light & Living recognises that individuals often feel most at ease within their own space. They prioritise customer satisfaction by actively engaging with their clientele, embarking on global expeditions to discover the most exquisite lighting fixtures and home décor items. Their aim is to identify that one extraordinary piece that evokes a sense of excitement, capturing these moments and transforming them into stunning products. Every six months, Light & Living unveils a fresh seasonal collection, ensuring a constant source of inspiration for their customers. We at, proudly offer Light & Living Rugs, enabling you to introduce the pinnacle of style into your home through the addition of a luxurious rug.