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Natural Weaves Ranger Rug - Lime

Natural Weaves Ranger Rug - Lime

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Introducing the Asiatic Natural Weaves Ranger Rug - Lime, a truly magnificent addition to any home. This designer rug is hand-woven with the utmost care and precision, ensuring a high-quality product that will stand the test of time. Available in various sizes - 66cm x 200cm, 100cm x 150cm, 120cm x 170cm, and 160cm x 230cm - you can find the perfect fit for your space.
Crafted from 70% Jute and 30% Cotton, this rug offers a unique blend of natural materials that not only adds texture but also provides durability. The lime colour adds a vibrant touch to any room, instantly refreshing the ambiance and bringing a sense of liveliness.
In terms of maintenance, professional clean is recommended to preserve the rug's quality and keep it looking as good as new. Rest assured, this rug is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, making it perfect for high-traffic areas such as living rooms or hallways.
The Asiatic Natural Weaves Ranger Rug - Lime is not only stylish but also functional. Its textured colours blend effortlessly with various decor styles, adding depth and character to your space. Whether you are looking to create a cosy corner in your living room or elevate the style of your bedroom, this rug is the perfect choice.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your home with this exquisite piece. Purchase the Asiatic Natural Weaves Ranger Rug - Lime today from Elite Rugs and experience the difference it can make in your living space.

Brand Asiatic
Construction Hand Woven
Sizes 66cm x 200cm / 100cm x 150cm / 120cm x 170cm / 160cm x 230cm
Material 70% Jute / 30% Cotton
Colour Lime
Collection Ranger
Design Ranger
Product Type Rug
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