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Bid Rug - Red

Bid Rug - Red

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Discovered on travels, a classic Indian design with a modern twist, the aesthetically antique Dutchbone Bid Rug is machine crafted from modern materials (38% rayon, 26% cotton, 26% acrylic, 10% polyester) but cleverly created to have an old Indian feel. A sense of wanderlust follows this rustic rug wherever it goes, it tells a story of a precise blend of handcraft and industry generating emotion and evoking questions.

Available in a gorgeous rich red and subtle antique green both oozing with character its going difficult to chose a favourite out of these two stunning fringe finished Bid Rugs that are both the same and different in so many ways. Don’t be fooled by the delicate appearance of the Bid Rug, crafted using ingenious modern materials this contemporary rug with a twist is made to endure all sorts of wear and tear and available in both small (170cm Width x 240cm Length) and large (200cm Width x 300cm Length). The synthetic rubber backing fixes the rug to exactly to spot you want it so sadly there is no chance of it becoming a magic travelling rug.  The classic pattern, natural beauty and colourful appearance of the Bid Rug will make it an excellent feature rug for any earthy yet modern home with soul. 

To find out more about the eclectic brand Dutchbone or to see more of their range, please visit our Dutchbone brand page.

Brand Dutchbone
Sizes 170cm x 240cm / 200cm x 300cm
Material 38% Rayon / 26% Cotton / 26% Acrylic / 10% Polyester
Colour Red
Weight 170CM X 240CM = 4.9kg / 200CM x 300CM = 7.2kg
Extra Info Back Finishing SBR
Product Type Rug
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